Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 New Places to Eat in Florence this Holiday

5 New Restaurants in Florence, AL for You to Try.

There's a few new faces here in Florence, Alabama. We're pretty well-known for our dining choices, both chain and local. Here's a list of 5 new places for you to get your eats and sweets this Holiday Season.

The Pie Factory

This is not a cake and cupcake joint. This is pure pizza pies we're talking. Located on Court Street, right in the middle of Downtown Florence, Alabama, The Pie Factory is a just-opened full service restaurant that specializes in two of the greatest things ever created: beer and pizza. They've got a massive brew menu, and you can have any kind of pizza you can come up with.

Pizza from The Pie Factory

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River Bottom Grille

Here in Florence, Alabama, we catch a lot of cool nights during Winter. Often times, you'll be able to sit outside and enjoy what might feel like a mild Spring evening in much of the rest of the country. The River Bottom Grille is about the most outdoorsy dining experience you can get in Florence, Alabama while still being a restaurant.It's right on the Tennessee River, and I'd say it's tied for the 360 Grille for the best place to watch the sun set. 

River Bottom Grill at Florence Harbor and Marina

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Ocean Boba Teahouse

The Ocean Boba Teahouse sits just north of 7 Points, in the Seven Points Shopping Center. While this isn't technically a restaurant, it does offer a truly unique drunk experience. You can choose from a large variety of beverage, hot and cold, some you've probably never heard of. So, if you're tired of lattes and cappuccinos, give this a try. Oh, and they also have regular tea. It is a tea house after all.

Flavors of Boba Tea

Yummie's Bakery

Yummie's Baker is great for decorative treats, and also plain good sweets. They've got brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cheesecakes,

Cupcakes from Yummie's Bakery

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Martinis and cocktails and the cool balance between mod and rustic are what set this little restaurant apart from the rest. You can get specialty drinks, and food ranging from a simple pastrami reuben, to a five-spice duck confit. They offer drinks, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You can get your drink shaken or stirred. No bow tie required. 

Mixed drink prepared at Odette.

Check out their website here:

If you live in Florence and haven't already given some of these new places a try, I highly recommend you do so. If you've got relatives coming, they'll be impressed by what Florence, Alabama has to offer no matter where you take them.

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